|   Shortly about us

Our company was founded in 2008 in Ashford, United Kingdom. Our team consists of qualified managers many years working in different fields of international transports and logistics. The biggest part of them specialize in haulage (express, bulk, project, groupage, ftl, thermo-controlled, removals, exhibitions etc.) , but we also have few managers keen on intermodal transportations (road, sea, rail) transport. Air transport and customs experts are also present.

Most of our managing staff have obtained a specialized education in the sphere of logistics and had previously been working for big logistics companies in UK and EU countries. Some of them can fluently speak many languages - English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian. Nevertheless, they are still relatively young and full of energy. Human factor is what our company basically relies on. For that reason we try to create and maintain the best working conditions for our employees.

Every year we attend different exhibitions to attract new customers and to enlarge our knowledge base. Our sales and managing staff regularly attend specialized educational programmes for logistics executives. A relatively big share of the profit is constantly being invested in process automatization, we cooperate with various IT specialists all over the world. We believe that only rapid implementation of modern technologies may lead to success and grant us a competitive advantage over our competitors.

|   Our values

INTERNATIONAL CARGO TRANSITS has a core ethos shared by every member of our team, from our CEO to our drivers. Our values are the foundation of our relationships with our customers. We believe these standards and ethics make The Green Group a happy, successful place to work.
Customer Focus
As trusted advisors, our customers value everything we do. We aim to deliver a “wow” experience every time through excellent service, and to perform each task with pride and with safety as our paramount concern.
We stand by the quality of work we deliver, and we’re committed to constant improvements in our service. We embrace and drive change. We are adventurous, creative, open-minded, and determined.
InICT rity
We always act with inICT rity, fairness and accountability. Our motto is, ‘If we agree to it, we do it’. We always build open and honest relationships with the highest level of communication. Our inICT rity guarantees our long-term sustainability.
We work with passion and act professionally. We are serious about our business and we take satisfaction in a good job well done, which in turn makes work enjoyable.
As we grow as a group and develop our services/technologies in our various logistic network solutions, we will endeavour to maintain our values and ethos as stated above, we are dedicated to our service.

|   Transportation sustainability

Vehicle Operator Training - Maintain safe and fuel-efficient driving on the road.
When loading/unloading at nationwide sites, minimise the use of fuel and environmental pollution. Each driver is trained, monitored and re-trained on this subject. The use of fuel is monitored from all drivers by our HQ technology and factory fitted technology in our trucks. Each driver understands how they can get the best performance from their truck and equipment and avoid unnecessary fuel use. During the planning stage and live real-time feeds, the administration team can use local knowledge and the use of technology to optimise fuel efficiency on the road and make the vehicle avoid congested roads. The vehicles are loaded to the maximum permitted weight to the requirement of the customers. All vehicles are maintained to the highest of standards and we change vehicles on a regular basis ensuring we receive the most technologically advanced trucks with greener engines.
We have 5 stars in the Echo Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme. This ensures:
Fleet Composition: Any fuel saving or measuring technology fitted
Fuel Management: Monitoring Fuel consumption and spend, raising fuel awareness
Driver Skills Development: Training in safe and fuel efficient driving techniques
Vehicle Specification & Preventative Maintenance: Robust servicing and maintenance plan, regular tyre inspection and wheel alignment checking
IT support systems Routing and scheduling, telematics and monitoring
Performance monitoring and management:
Use of performance indicators, setting targets for continuous improvement

We also have a bronze Fleet operator recognition scheme, Bronze accreditation confirms that you employ good practice and comply with the requirements laid out by the FORS Standard. This includes demonstrating dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with improving operating practices through effective monitoring of fuel and tyre usage.