Haulage is the most popular mode of transportations. Road transport with us is a well-organized, fast and secure business activity, which is provided by specialists of the possibly highest level.​ It is nowadays a difficult task to find such a responsible carrier which would be so deeply concerned about its customers’ needs and his cargo. It is extremely difficult for transport enterprise to earn much trust and respect from its customers within years. ​ We can proudly claim that our clients feel confident and secure bringing us opportunity to organize transportation of their cargo.​

We have always tried to understand our customers’ needs in the best possible way. ​ Our priority is a stable and long-term partnership. Making a deal means that You automatically become our customer. But our customers have lots of privileges, and not only in terms of trading discounts or more flexible terms of payment. If You are looking for a reliable partner in the field of international transportations for Your goods You are at the right place at the right time! ​

We handle the following type of cargo:
- general (full truck loads and groupage);
- oversized and overweight;
- intermodal und multimodal;
- project (involves multimodal ways of transportation);
- removals; - exhibitions;
- hazardous goods (our trucks and drivers have ADR permit);
- thermo-controlled goods (our frigo trailers can hold temperature ranging from -25 to +25 degrees by Celsium);

We are obtaining all necessary documentation (permits, licenses etc.) for transportation of abnormal - bulky (oversized) or overweight goods. We elaborate and calculate necessary routing for such cargo and this is what makes our team different from others. Such sort of work involves a huge competence, knowledge and expertise of logistics managers as well as communication skills with state institutions. This professional approach helps our customers to spare money for logistics expenses and stay competitive in their markets.

We can organize so-called Express deliveries. It means that we provide You a dedicated van with 2 or even 3 drivers and they are driving non-stop. Price difference is minimal. However, terms of delivery are truly unbelievable. For example, instead of 8 days the trip from Portugal to Sweden will take only 4 transit days, and drivers are organizing their work AETR convency compliant.

We never suffer the security of our staff and try to provide them with great working conditions. At the present moment we operate a fleet of trucks and trailers of our own consisting of 48 trucks with different trailers. All our trucks have Euro-6 permission. Talking about semi-trailer types, we have flat chassis, tautliners of volumes 40-92 m3 (boarded and curtainsiders, some walking floors), trains of volume 120 m3, frigo trailers of volume 86 m3 and mega trailers (100 m3). Some of our trucks even have all necessary permissions (TIR etc.) to do transportations all over the world, but the drivers working for us have necessary visas and insurance policies. They can speak many languages (English, French, Polish, German , Italian, Russian and other). All trucks are equipped with GPS positioning system, so it is always possible to track the location of your load. To our permanent customers we usually assign an individual account with multiple tracking numbers to trace the cargo during all transit period.

We have a valid United Kingdom Standard National and Standard International haulage license. Our civil liability is insured by CMR or so-called Goods-in-Transit insurance for 300.000 GBP. Our fleet is not the only reason for us to be proud of. We are constantly enlarging our global presence - now we drive not only within Europe, but we touch distant Russia, Middle East as well. We send our trucks to such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenia, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan etc. We are planning to develop Asian direction further and grow the number of countries we are actively working in. During the last couple years we even had some trips to such exotic countries as UAE, India, Pakistan and China.

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